As part of the, Pamoja Tuwalee project (which in Swahili means ‘ Together we Nurture [our children]’), Sharing Worlds Tanzania will support over 8.5000 Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and their households in Dodoma Municipal. Many children have lost their parents due to the AIDS pandemic and live with a surviving parent, caretakers, in child-headed households, or are left to their own resources. These children live in very vulnerable circumstances and often fail to link in with the community or the services provided at local level.
Pamoja Tuwalee is a largescale project that brings together different local organisations, the community and local government to improve the service provision for vulnerable children and families in Dodoma Municipal. Sharing Worlds Tanzania will work at community level to help build the skills, networks, linkages, and referrals necessary to create such an integrated network of essential services.
Through this project SWT will support the MVC in the areas of: food & shelter, health, education, child protection and children’s rights.
To genuinely improve the wellbeing of MVC and the households they belong to, SWT will help set-up Income Generating Activities that will support the MVC and their households. SWT thus couples primary and secondary needs of the MVC and activates the community to get fully involved in the wellbeing of the MVC. The programme will be child-focused and community-driven.


Phase 1:
The first phase will be used to map out the current situation: Who are the MVC, where are they located, what structures are already in place and what services are already being delivered to them? The first phase is also intended to introduce the project to the local community and to key stakeholders at local government, district and ward level. Lastly a beginning will be made to select (groups of) community members to help implement the economic activities to support the MVC and their households.

8.500 Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and their households in the district Dodoma Municipal.

Project Duration:
The total project spans 5 year: 2011 – 2015
Phase 1: April to November 2011

Source(s) of Funding:
Sharing Worlds Foundation