Sharing Worlds focuses on HIV/Aids prevention and poverty reduction through the strengtening of Civil Society. It supports Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and builds their capacity to increase their support of vulnerable groups in society. The capacity building will enable the CSOs to improve and more effectively tailor their support and services to vulnerable groups in society, reach more people and more effectively advocate their rights.

Sharing Worlds recognizes the importance of a strong Civil Society to find sustainable solutions to the many issues and challenges that developing countries face to realise change and reduce poverty.

This is not only the task of governments and development organisations. The initiative should also come from people in society. Their resilience, knowledge and initiatives are of great value and are a necessary precondition to help built society. By strengthening Civil Society Organisations people are encouraged and empowered to influence policy and decision making, not only of governments, but also of development organisations, companies and businesses in the private sector.


Sharing Worlds strengthens Civil Society through:

  • Offering support and advice to Civil Society Organsisations (CSOs) to further develop their organizational capacity and their group activities.
  • Provide supporting grants and/or loans to CSOs to implement activities for their target groups.
  • Provide start-up grants and stimulate CSOs to implement Income Generating Activities (IGAs) to make their activities sustainable in the long run.
  • Provide access to and disseminate information relevant for the CSOs and their activities, also in the areas of: HIV/AIDS, Gender, IGA and Poverty Reduction.
  • Built networks of people and organisations and link CSOs to relevant networks and people that will help their activities.
  • Advice on the implementation and running of activities of the CSOs and train them how to conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of their activities.


Principles for collaboration between Sharing Worlds Tanzania and CSOs 

  • CSOs are set up at the initiative of people themselves.
  • CSOs already exist for a certain period of time and implement their activities independently.
  • CSOs are willing to learn, to develop and to put time and energy into their work.
  • The support of Sharing Worlds Tanzania is temporary. After 3 up to 4 years of active support and collaboration the CSOs should continue independently and mature to sustainable organisations.
  • CSOs continue to be responsible for their own development and the implementation of their activities. Sharing Worlds Tanzania will never assume this responsibility.