Organizational Background

Sharing Worlds Tanzania (SWT) was set up in 2005 as an initiative of people living in Tanzania and the
Netherlands to support different Civil Society Organizations in Dodoma municipal, mainly supporting orphaned
children and people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as raising awareness on HIV and AIDS through activities
within the communities.

A year later the support extended to include two other districts, those of Bahi and
Kilosa. The organisation was founded to reduce poverty and Aids within the Tanzanian society. The support
that was provided at the time included: small funding, regular visits, encouragement, expertise and advice.

To formalize the support and to increase the impact of the work a group of 12 people, primarily Tanzanian
citizens, founded Sharing Worlds Tanzania on 8 March 2008. They elected its board members and opened an
office in Dodoma. Sharing Worlds Tanzania was officially registered as NGO on 19th March 2008. SWT had
affiliation with Sharing Worlds Foundation (SWF) from the Netherlands.

In the year 2012 SWT and SWF assessed their partnership and realized that it is going well and were almost able to reach objectives of building the capacity of SWT. Due to that both organizations decided to change the affiliation of the two organizations to a partnership of the two independent organizations. In 2015 the partnership between these
two organizations ended. Since then SWT started to operate independently.

Sharing Worlds Tanzania envisions that through the enhancement of collaboration and the involvement of
people, can help improve the prosperity and well-being of the Tanzanians. Its mission is to ensure that
vulnerable communities in Tanzania are relieved from chronic poverty and social sufferings by using
participatory, advocacy and self reliance approaches to provide services that are demand driven.
Currently the organisation focus is to improve prosperity and wellbeing of Tanzanian particularly vulnerable
groups. It focuses on four thematic areas which are Health, Education, Livelihood as well as Social Protection
and Security. Geographical working areas are Dodoma region in three districts which are Dodoma Municipal,
Bahi and Chamwion and Singida region in Manyoni district.

The name Sharing Worlds and the slogan ‘Strong Together’ are based on the notion that people with different
backgrounds, from different countries, tribes, cities, wards and villages can learn from each other.